The Vice Presidential Debate Takes On Added Significance

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Sen. Kamala Harris photo from 2019 via Wikimedia Commons

Sen. Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence will face off at the only Vice Presidential debate tonight in Salt Lake City, Utah. Joe Biden and Donald Trump had a contentious first debate on September 29, 2020. Trump sparred with his opponent and with the moderator, Chris Wallace. During the 98 minutes the candidates were on stage, according to a Fox News analysis, Trump interrupted Biden and Wallace for a total of 145 times. The President tried to distract, deflect, and interject. Because of the constant interruptions, Biden was unable to elaborate his policies and the viewers to the debate could not hear what each candidate would do as the next president. The purpose of the debates is to educate the voters on the respective party’s agenda. Because of the behavior of the President, the American public could not gain any insight.

The stakes are high for tonight’s Vice Presidential debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence. President Trump has Covid-19 and it is too early to tell whether he will be disease-free for the next Presidental debate scheduled for October 15, 2020. The Vice Presidential debate may turn out to be the only one before the election in November.

Mike Pence is mild-mannered and Kamala Harris has a reputation for being a skilled prosecutor. Susan Page, the moderator is a veteran journalist and is USA TODAY’s Washington Bureau chief. The moderator has chosen nine issues to be discussed and she will decide what questions to ask of the candidates. Voters could expect the two politicians to discuss substantive issues unless things turn combative and ugly like the debate between Trump and Biden.

Susan Page has not made public the topics she has chosen. I am a political junkie who has watched almost all Presidential and Vice Presidential debates in the last 35 years and follows politics keenly. These are the major topics I like to hear discussed.

  1. Coronavirus pandemic Trump-Pence administration’s disastrous response has resulted in 7.5 million cumulative cases including the President and 211,000 deaths. Mike Pence is the head of the White House Coronavirus task force and I like to hear how he responds to the questions from the moderator and Sen. Harris

I will be tuning in to watch the debate which I expect to be more civil than the one that took place in my city eight days ago. I like to see several of my issues get airtime. I hope to report my take on the debate in a day or two. Happy watching.

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